We’re pleased to have you join us at Dr. Harold S. Budhram, MD. Established in 1983 and serving the area for nearly 30 years our team of experienced caregivers offers a wide variety of services within the scope of Family Medicine. Your ongoing care will be on a one-to-one basis with easy access to your chosen caregiver. Although it may be necessary at times to see one of our other caregivers, you will generally enjoy the ability to claim one caregiver as your own. Our clinic is equipped with or has access to the technology to handle virtually every type of non-emergency visit.

If you find that you have questions, concerns or suggestions regarding the care or service we provide, please talk with any member of our staff.

We look forward to providing quality medical care to you and your family-today and in the future. On behalf of all of us at Dr. Harold S. Budhram, MD. Thank you for choosing our clinic as your primary health care provider.

Sincerely, Physicians & Staff

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